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More Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas

These are ideas which could not be included on the Angel Task list of random acts of kindness because they involve situations or requirements which could not necessarily occur every day. However these are also wonderful ideas for practicing acts of kindness so I wanted to be certain they were included in this adventure. Therefore I decided that if on any day, something from this list can be substituted for one of the daily angel task ideas. This gives more variety, and opens more doors for options. And there certainly is no excuse with the three.......definitely can do options given each day, and these as not perform a daily angel task.

angelmini.gifDonate blood
angelmini.gifPay for the toll for the car behind you
angelmini.gifOn a rainy day leave an unbrella for someone to use
angelmini.gifHelp a neighbor, family member weed or plant a garden.
angelmini.gifMow someone's lawn, rake their leaves or shovel their snow
angelmini.gifLeave a book at airport for someone waiting to read
angelmini.gifCook a family dish for a busy mom/father so she/he can take a break for a night
angelmini.gifPay for the meal of a person sitting by themself when you are eating out
angelmini.gifBuy coffee for the person behind you
angelmini.gifVolunteer time at a charitable organization
angelmini.gifwhen you fill a click card for free coffee, free gift, ect... give the card to someone
angelmini.gifIf someone behind you in line at the store has fewer items let them go ahead of you
angelmini.gifHelp tutor a child
angelmini.gifvolunteer to read to children at the library
angelmini.gifoffer to change oil, change filter or such for a "non car" person
angelmini.gifwalk around a park or public area picking up trash
angelmini.gifget some groceries for a financially struggling family
angelmini.gifWhen you go out to dinner order a dessert to go and drop it off at a neighbors
angelmini.gifClean up gravestones at a local cemetary
angelmini.gifBuy something for a stranger from their wishlist

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