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How to Dare... How to Try...

I desired to take a step towards following the words I spoke, reaching out to the world around me even if in the smallest way. How could I do this? How could I step into this idea and stick with it? How could I possibly inspire others to do the same? So many questions to ponder



Obstacle: To become pro-active in my desire to reach out, I new I had to set commitments for myself. Too often I would have the best intentions to do something, but as the day would begin, I would get distracted here and there and sidetracked. The next thing I would know the day was over and I didn't accomplish what I had wished to do.

Solution: Make the random acts of kindness not so random. By selecting one of three randomly generated "tasks" each day I would be setting a daily committment which was specific and would have to be incorporated into my day. By making an online journal recording what I did for the selected task each day I was further putting the commitment in stone. When we vocalize or let someone know a commitment we make we are much more likely to fulfill it.

Obstacle: How can I possibly maybe inspire others?

Solution: By putting my journey online, if someone falls across the website, who knows, maybe they just might find a bit of inspiration.


The Steps

  1. Each day pick a task from the three generated (the not so random random act of kindness)
  2. Fufill the task. If it is a task which can be fulfilled that day then it must be completed that day. If it is something which involves something like baking cookies for co-workers or such, then the baking is to be done that day and the cookies brought to work the next day. (That doesn't eliminate a task for the next day btw)
  3. Record in the blog which task was selected for the day, what was done to fulfill it, and any thoughts which I may have related to the task or this journey itself.
  4. Maintain this commitment for a year

This was the original goal. Have I wandered off of it? Yes some. There have been a few days where I haven't followed and picked a task which was posted, but chose to do something different. There have been times I have not recorded what I did in the blog right away. There have been times I have even taken a day off. But it is the journey to the goal...the process that matters most.


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