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News Continued

  • 2006-10-31
    Hotel hopes to woo BWI travelers with kindness
    A new hotel realizes the quality of kindness and uses kindness to introduce themselves.. and I might add woo potential customers from BWI airport. They have instilled a "kindness" crew at the airport to randomly help airport travelors and airport employees through handing out water, candy, hot cocoa, helping with luggage, giving directions and even offering their shuttle for places other than their hotel.
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  • 2006-10-30
    Oprah Winfrey Gives $1,000 Debit Cards To Audience Members
    Oprah is a woman after my own heart! On today's show Oprah gave away $1,000 debit cards to all the members of her audience. There was just one catch... they must give the money away, and record what they do with it.
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  • 2006-10-28
    Churches want new option for homeless
    Homeless families face different plights from homeless individuals. Often shelter regulations require that the families be separated (men in mens shelter, women in womens shelter). This forces families to choose between staying in shelters or staying together. A network of churches have teamed up to offer homeless families alternatives which enable them to stay together as a family while they work towards getting on their feet.
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  • 2006-10-24
    State program gives away more than 3,000 backpacks full of school supplies
    Adopt-a-Student program, administered by Delaware Health and Social Services' Division of State Service Centers' Office of Family Support gives away more than 3,080 backpacks full of school supplies to less fortunate children
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  • 2006-10-23
    Lunchtime missionary
    A story about an Indianapolis woman known as "The Chip Lady" who with the help of volunteers helps feed downtown homeless on her lunchbreak. Heartwarming story.
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  • 2006-10-20
    Local Man Spreads Kindness Through Billboard & Web
    An absolutely fabulous story about Howie Handsel, a Florida man who is using his camera, the web, and now a billboard to promote random acts of kindness! It is a must read news story and please visit his myspace page as well!
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  • 2006-10-19
    Uplifting tales inspire 'art bras'
    As I always say, there are truly unique ways to give. To help raise money for the fight for breast cancer, unique... very unique artsy bra's are created.
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  • 2006-10-19
    Group helps needy kids find pianos
    Article about a Virginia music director who has established a foundation which tries to get pianos donated for needy young music students - along with study materials and lessons all for free.
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  • 2006-10-16
    Student donates hair to disadvantaged
    High school student donates hair to Locks of Love to do her part to help others and in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.
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  • 2006-10-15
    Kindness in midst of tragedy
    A story of a kindness from a stranger for a traveler in need
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