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Kindness In The News

Random Acts of Kindness, Giving, Reaching out to othersI often search through news to see what kindness related stories have happened. Kindness happens all around us on a daily basis, but unfortunately it seems the not so good news is often what is glorified and seen most in the news. Therefore, I decided I would start including on my site Kindness in the News! It always inspires me to see goodness sprouting all around the place, so I hope you find it as inspiring as well.

The links attached to the story summaries are to the original news source for the stories. They may thus disappear unexpectedly, so if you encounter any dead links please let me know so I can have them removed...and as always....if there is any noteworthy story which you discover and think should be included here please do let me know!

  • 2007-12-27
    2 Families Donate Thousands To Needy Kids
    Two families join forces to donate thousands to a charity for the Christmas season
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  • 2007-12-26
    Haircuts for homeless
    A man opens his barber shop to give homeless free haircuts Christmas morning. It has been a tradition for him to help the homeless with his shears
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  • 2007-10-15
    Students help with homeless awareness
    High school students hold a 14 hour event to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless. They build a makeshift shanty town and experience for a short while what it is like for a homeless person
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  • 2007-10-08
    Vacuum cleaner salesman donates kidney to would-be customer
    A vacuum salesman encounters a customer needing a kidney. When he encounters the family to sell a vacuum he is told due to medical issues they can't afford to buy one. Upon learning the man needs a kidney, he decides to donate his to the man.
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  • 2007-10-03
    Students collect jeans to insulate homes
    Students are collecting jeans in the hopes to collect enough to make insulation for 70 homes. The jeans can be turned into an insulation called Ultra Touch. The insulation is then being used for insulation in Habitat for Humanity homes.
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  • 2007-08-14
    Brothers Raise Money for Smiles
    Two brothers hope to raise money to help children with lip deformities
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  • 2007-08-01
    Kindness Clothes
    A couple promotes kindness through a clothing line they have developed
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  • 2007-05-21
    Stranger's kindness: Wildfire victim gets replacement car
    A man who loses everything in a brush fire receives a gift of a car topped with a big red bow from a stranger.
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  • 2007-05-14
    Lemonade Sale For Hurricane Victims
    A young girl raises $5,000 for tornado victims the old fashioned way... a lemonade stand
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  • 2007-01-31
    The kindness of competitors
    Tragedy sets in, and competitors put aside competition to assist and help. A true show of strength in the human element.
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