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Kindness Pages

As this journey grows, so does this site. This is the Kindness Pages Section. Here you will find a variety of kindness related pages. Most likely more pages will be added as they come to mind. Possibilities for kindness are endless, thus the possibility for a collection of kindness pages is also endless. Look Around and Enjoy!

Kindness Links


A collection of links. Some are of sites which promote Random Acts of Kindness, some are sites which have truly unique ideas for giving without pulling out the wallet, some are ideas geared specifically towards children if that is where your heart is. This section will most definitely expand.

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Kindness Quotes


What site about kindness wouldn't be complete without a kindness quote section? So many people throughout history have recognized the importance of kindness to our world, our lives, and have said such inspirational and wonderful things about it. Look through them, grab one and stick it to your fridge! Put one on your mirror! Or just ponder upon one or two.

Kindness Quotes »

Kindness News


Usually when one turns on the tv or opens a paper, they are greeted with the tragedies and horrors of this world. Is that all there is? No, of course not, however that is where the media does focus because that is honestly what most of society is focused on. Often with all this dreary news it is hard to keep a positive attitude. Yet news of kindness is all around. People are doing some amazing things out of the kindness and generosity of their hearts. Read these news stories and feel inspired!

Kindness News »

Get Together!


Kindness is so fun it should be shared!

It's time to grab your friends, your co-workers and your neighbors. Find activities in kindness and giving which give you an opportunity to spend time with others while spreading kindness and helping others in need! So many ideas So little time!

Kindness Group Ideas »

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