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'We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.

~ Luciano de Crescenzo ~

Gather Together!

Random Acts of Kindness, Giving, Reaching out to others Doing acts of kindness is fun on your own, but getting friends together and working as a group to help others is even more fun! You can do many of these things as a one night event for you and your friends, or dare to spread your wings even more and start a kindness group. These are just a few ideas although the list is certain to grow. Pick one, or take these ideas and come up with one of your own! With kindness and giving, the possibilities for ideas are endless. Be creative! Get inspired! Most importantly... Have Fun!

Please contact me with ideas your group is coming up with. I hope to add a section soon for stories of what both individuals and groups are doing for kindness in their own lives!

  • Blanket Time!

    Have a night of blanket making for the homeless Everyone bring yards of fleece. Spend time together cutting, and tying to make fleece blankets to give to a shelter or charity. If you need instructions on how to make these very simple yet snuggly warm blankets you can find them on ben Franklin crafts site -

  • Kindness Kit Group

    Make kits for organizations involving homeless or groups like Stand Up For Kids

    I took this list from my local Stand Up For Kids wish list, but kits like these would be benificial for any such group. Get a group of your friends each of which brings one of the supplies and have fun putting together the packets

    • Outreach Food Packets

      • 1 Moist Towelette
      • 2 Juice (small carton w/straw)
      • 1 Small (pop top) Pudding/Fruit Cup
      • 1 Chocolate Candy Bar
      • 1 Small (pop top) Beenie Weenie / Spaghetti etc.
      • 1 Napkin & Plastic Ware Packet
      • 1 Granola Bar
      • 1 Small Box of Raisins
      • 1 Package of Gum
      • 1 Package of Chips
    • Hygiene Kits

      • Deodorant (male and female)
      • Lip Balm
      • Disposable Razor
      • Single Packs of Vitamins (Multi-Vitamins)
      • Comb/Brush
      • Small Shampoo
      • Tissue
      • Toothbrush - Toothpaste - Dental Floss
      • Sun Screen
      • Handi-Wipe
      • Feminine Products
      • Small Soap
      • Small Conditioner
    • First Aid Kits

      • 2 Small Band Aids
      • 2 Alcohol/Benadine Prep Pads
      • 1 Small First Aid Cream
      • 2 Large Band Aids
      • 2 Small Gauze Packets
    • Sewing Kits

      • 1 Medium Needle
      • 3 Colors of Thread (Also, dental floss if possible)
      • 4 buttons
      • Clothing Items

      • Socks
      • Large or X-Large Hooded Sweatshirts
      • Backpacks
      • Large Jeans
      • Towels
      • Underwear
      • Blankets
      • Sleeping Bags
      • Jackets
  • Charity Change Club

    Your group picks a list of charities (one per person) which you would like to help raise money for. Everyone gets a change jar (make the jars fun and be creative). Everyone tries to fill their jar during the month whether through keeping their jar at their desk at work or whatever way they think they can fill it. At the end of the month have a change night. Whoever raises the most change that month, their charity gets the money raised that month. (You may ask why the competition..but it seems the competition gives that little extra boost to fill the jar..and it is for a good cause after all)

  • Soup Kitchen Club

    Many soup kitchens welcome help. Check with your local soup kitchens or shelters, and set it so that once a month (or more if you choose) your group volunteers to help out at the soup kitchen. For shelters, depending on the size, often individual groups sponsor the night to provide the meal for the shelter. Your group could possibly offer to provide the shelter dinner once a month.




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