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'If you are possessed by an idea, you find it expressed everywhere; you even smell it.

~ Thomas Mann ~

Beginnings of a Journey

This random acts of kindness concept like many ideas that grab hold of a person, came about through a series of events. It started out when I was glancing at a welcome screen upon logging onto the internet. I happened to see a picture of an angel and the question posed, "What about angels?" For some reason my curiousity was sparked so I went to the discussion board, and made my own post, as follows:

"Angels are everywhere. And sometimes without knowing we are angels.....working as tools of angels or just being that person's angel unkowingly who knows..but that is what happens. Random acts of kindness often creates that.

I have met angels......many times in my life. I can't say I have met the spiritual glowing angel, but I have encountered unkown strangers who have touched my life unkowingly. When I was abandoned one time without my id.......without a coat.......without anything at an ER one night.......a child came up to me and gave me the change she had so I could get something out of the vending machine to eat. The police at the town I was in put me up in a hotel for the night so I would be out of danger. When I had to make a very personal decision at a point in my life.........and I was struggling....... another angel sat and spoke with me and helped me see although I struggled with the was ok. One day I was in a deep dark mode of desparity, and someone unknown to me smiled at me in a line at the grocery store and told me that whatever it was... it would all be ok... something I really needed to hear right at that moment. These are just a few. I never saw any of these people again. These were people all doing random acts of kindness which required little of them yet the ramifications to me were immense.

That simple hello to a person when they most need to see a smile. A simple act of random kindness can impact people so much, so maybe we should all consider that more. What takes nothing on our part could impact someone else's life so much. Maybe we should be less stuck in the I and how this line at the store is taking so long.......why the car in front of us is driving so slow. If we took the time to get out of the I and really perceive more about what is going on around us and embrace those around us we could all be angels for others.

Just think....... if each of us made a commitment of doing at least ONE act of random kindness each day.....just one. How many angels we would be. Do you do an act of random kindness each day?"

In writing that response, I truly thought about what I was posting. I then (even unsure of what I was exactly planning) registered this site that very night. Several of the other posts mentioned guardian angels, and it reminded me of a friend of mine who told me we all had guardian angels looking out for us. Again and I thought of my post and how unkowingly people had been at least momentary angels in my life.

The very next morning I went out to my car and right there in the middle of the driver's floorboard was my drivers license which I had been tearing through my car and belongings to find. Coincedence? Could be, but for some reason I felt like it had been because of all my thoughts the evening before. Thus on my drive to work, I was wondering what the heck inspired me to be so impulsive as to register a website without any idea of what I was going to do with it. As always I was listening to my regular 80's 90's music radio station on my drive into work. However, this morning they weren't doing their regular broadcast. They were having a fundraiser for a local children's medical center. A girl got onto the phone with them, one of the former patients of the hospital, and she suddenly started talking about angels. She said she was born with disabilities, but also with a gift of being able to see angels, and that she saw them all around people, that everyone had angels. Now this struck me. I haven't really been one to believe in signs, but I was scratching my head at these coincidences. I just knew I wanted to make a website related to the post I made the evening before. I felt it like one does whenever an idea that they truly believe in hits them powerfully.

angel Yet this was not the end of the series of events pushing me in the direction of this website. The very next day my daughter came running out of her room saying that she had made a picture for me. Now I must share with you, she wasn't staying with me at the time, and I had not spoken at all about any of the preceding events. This was all very personal and private for me so it wasn't something I was speaking of. The picture she gave me was of an angel. This picture is the inspiration for the angel I use throughout this site. What you can't see is that below it the words say, "God gave me the gift of angels."

I must insert here, that this is NOT a site about religious beliefs or anything like that. It is about giving, caring, and humanity. Believe me, when those Angels touched me in my life, I didn't ask them what religion they were, what their background was, or what politics they believed in. They didn't ask that of me either. Participating in the kindness of humanity supercedes all of that, and THAT is what this site is about. For me, the reference to angels, is because of how this thought evolved... the thought of angels was my inspiration. The thought of humanity is what grabbed me.


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